01: Checking in at the Copper Penny

In a godless world where atheism is rampant, society is decadent, invention is the future, and where the secrets of arcana have been all but completely forgotten, MERCS follows the harsh but compelling lives of guild mercenaries.

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Re: 01: Checking in at the Copper Penny

Post by Uvuriel » Wed May 28 08 ; 5 53 am

Kaelie sighs and lifts her empty mug.

"Otto, another ale? Please?" She smiles wearily and shakes her head.
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Re: 01: Checking in at the Copper Penny

Post by Hypo Luxa » Wed May 28 08 ; 6 10 am

After taking a rather long draw from his mug and shooting Olivia a smile he says Oh c'mon Morin.. give the lady some credit. I'm sure she's a much better shot than that!


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Re: 01: Checking in at the Copper Penny

Post by Gingerbread Guy » Sun June 01 08 ; 7 37 am

Olivia rolls her pretty eyes, but she doesn't look unamused, which should count for something. "I would have to remember you existed in order to miss you, Morin. However I will admit that I have been particularly bored while the girls have been away - though I might try my hand at a little bounty hunting. Solo work certainly is profitable, assuming you live to turn in your writ." She looks over the collection of cheerful mercenaries. "You know, [s]Scylla[/s] Cecelia occasionally hires out mercenaries of her own for various jobs abroad. Next time she's in town, it wouldn't hurt to ask."

"Where'd Gravin go?" Otto barks as he lumbers back out of his office. He carries with him a small box, out of which he places four purses of heavy coin on the bar top. "Split four ways, just like you asked."
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Post by Genghis » Mon June 02 08 ; 1 15 pm

[s]"Scylla, ey? Who's that? She sounds southern."[/s]

[OOC: Ginger's note: So sorry.. I was in a hurry to type my last post before I went away on a trip and I wrote Scylla instead of Cecelia. Also, my natural stupidity probably played a role.]
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